Great branding


Is it even possible to measure whether or not your company's brand assets have the potential to be a great and enduring brand in the hearts and minds of your customers?

What makes a good brand?

A strong brand can deliver many benefits. A thoughtfully articulated communication strategy – from logo to answering the phone – will influence the way your customers behave towards your business. Clear and consistent application of corporate identity principles make it more likely that you will be able to associate emotionally as well as inform your customers and so develop genuine loyalty with your company. Application of the branding principles helps create anticipation of service level and quality and will help you stand apart and sell your services at a premium. Ultimately, the bottom line is impacted when companies make a coordinated effort to maintain and build their brand – benefiting sales and long-term profitability.

What makes a good brand?

A successful brand can be measured against the following key criteria: 

  • Clarifies your point of difference
  • Has a clear organising thought behind it
  • Coherent, easy to understand, and memorable
  • Applied consistently to every touch-point
  • Communicates what you can deliver on
  • Has legs to run with / generates stories
  • Something that your audience relates to.

How does your brand score? 

Is it unique or does it copy what others do?

Is there one single idea or are there simply too many ideas?

Is your proposition easy to understand or do your customers find you programme, products and services foggy and vague?

Do you behave and apply all your assets consistently or does everyone in every department do their own thing?

Does your company deliver the promise it makes always or makes compromises on its values?

Does your proposition or big idea lend itself to the generation of shareable narratives or have lackluster appeal?

Do you offer something that other people need or is this something that you’re doing because you need it to be?

Does what you do and offer play to your strengths or are you struggling to attain a standard marginally better than your weaknesses?

Are you proud of the way your business is communicated or is there there room for improvement?