Featured image for Marketing campaign and live event: Open Collab October 2023
Marketing campaign and live eventOpen Collab October 2023
Original music track and videoShe Wolves
Collaborative EP and behind-the-scenes video5 musicians, 1 poet
Featured image for Portrait photography: Actor profile shoot
Portrait photographyActor profile shoot
Featured image for Everything Beautify Has Edges: Music video production
Everything Beautify Has EdgesMusic video production
Featured image for Studio recording photography session: Ben Mowat
Studio recording photography sessionBen Mowat
Featured image for All Creatures Great and Small: Music video
All Creatures Great and SmallMusic video
Featured image for Birds: Music video
BirdsMusic video
Returning homeFor my brother, Luke
Featured image for Animated promotional video: We Are Charlie + Jake
Animated promotional videoWe Are Charlie + Jake