How we do it

The creative process is at the core of everything we do, from the smallest content production requirements right up to a full brand rework or large-scale campaign. We have developed system of five D's – discover, define, design, develop, defend – which guides us and you through the creative journey and guarantees fantastic results every time.

D1. Discover

Every journey starts with open and honest examination of the landscape in which you operate. We research and investigate your business plans, audience, vision, values, your people and competitors to establish an understanding of your current business context.

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D1. Discover



Business plans






Business context

D2. Define

This is the step to where you become clear about your strategy. We'll help you articulate the authentic purpose of your business in a meaningful and tangible way to provide traction for the creative process of brand creation to begin.

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D2. Define

Brand positioning

Brand architecture

Business strategy

Refine end goals


Digital strategy

Employee engagement

Audience engagement model

Style & tone

D3. Design

Here we establish a brand identity. We develop a set of guidelines that govern your new look and feel, This identity framework includes tangible outputs like naming, straplines, tone-of-voice, logos and their usage, images, colour-ways, typography and layout.

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D3. Design



Corporate identity

Logo design




Visual identity

Brand development

D4. Develop

We have a full service delivery capability, and can help you create imaginative campaigns or simply design a great brochure, website, or other output. Whatever it is, it will be compliant to your brand guidelines, whether you're blue-chip or young fry.

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D4. Develop

Corporate communications

Digital design & development

Marketing campaigns


Video & photography

Events and team building

Corporate stationery

D5. Defend

We act as an extension of your team, providing valuable strategic support, campaign management, implementation and maintenance. We can advise on the best way to maintain your reputation through a wide range of marketing techniques for traditional and digital media.

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D5. Defend

Brand registration

Brand playbook

Website maintenance

Analytics & reporting

Print management

Campaign management

Our services

In-house disciplines includes: marketing strategy, brand and corporate identity consultancy, graphics and illustration, video sound photography and animation, brochure presentation and marketing assets, web design and development, e-commerce hosting and maintenance, interior 3D modelling and CAD, and marketing strategy.

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