SEEDRS Crowdfunding Campaign:

Gazelle Wind Power

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This is a crowdfunding campaign for the SEEDrs platform on behalf of Gazelle Wind Power. It is a fast moving and intense campaign that involves a lot of planning around key assets. The main assets are the campaign video, the SEEDrs landing page and the supporting social media campaign.

The script for the video showreel 

The showreel script was the bedrock of the whole project and so was written in advance of the rest of the programme. The script had to be reviewed, verified and approved by SEEDrs, so there was a lot of work in ensuring that it was fully evidence-based. 

With the script agreed, we went on to interview senior members of the team and produce a series of ten videos. 

Social media assets

Guided by the storyline of the script, we were also able to cascade out all the supporting material such as social media graphics. 


We undertook extensive research of the crowdfunding sector. Lots of campaigns were reviewed and dissected. Also, it was important to profile potential investors and look at their key motivations for investing in a campaign.

Below are some screen-grabs from our MIRO (collaborative digital whiteboard) that show a snapshot of our research. 

Campaign management

The campaign management is a major part of a project like this. We had to follow a very defined schedule to promote the campaign. A major part of this was the creation of newsletters that would be sent out at key dates to specific target audiences. We created images and headlines to support each one of these email promotions. The social media campaign would the sent out to support this email campaign and to also work independently through channels such as linked-in and twitter.

Creating the video

The visuals below give some indication of how we progress from rough, hand-drawn thumbnails, to detailed final visuals that the videographer works with.