‘What if?’ campaign video series:

Recycling Technologies

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This video aimed to bring across the optimism and innovative thinking of Recycling Technologies. The main ‘What if?’ idea and supporting script was produced by Connexxions in collaboration with RT’s marketing manager, Lisa Zafferani. The brief was to create a sense of urgency whilst also embodying the key messages and values of the company. The structure, storyline and imagery evolved from this. The soundtrack started with the handclaps of the ‘actors’ at the end of each recording. Jakob op den Brouw’s musical mastery brought this to life with his original recording and layering of sounds in the development of this final synchronised soundscape.

The video was also designed to allow for shorter teaser sections for social media, events and presentations. A set of cut down versions can be viewed here on YouTube.

We filmed the main participants at the RT production facility. Photos taken at the time can be seen here.